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Ilapak is launching a new commercial strategy focused on a price repositioning of the genuine spare parts.

Our goals is to become your one –stop shop, in particular Ilapak aim to be considered as your exclusive supplier for all your spare parts need, even included  the commercial parts which are normally available on the market.

We all know that having one supplier means be in position to exploit several advantages like:

- Less administrative costs to manage different supplier

- Dedicate resources to your key business and not to procurement of parts all over the world-

- Technical support and therefore less possibility of mistake

- Original warranty from the manufacturer

Thanks to this new policy, Ilapak’s customers can get the most competitive prices in the market and have a single source for any packaging needs.

Ilapak Customer service is central to our 360` commitment. Delivering world class Customer service through our global network of Ilapak sales and service Centre’s ensures we provide you with “what you need – when you need it…”

All Ilapak Customer services deliver Maximum Quality, Optimized Availability and Value for money resulting in Minimal cost of ownership combined with lifetime support.

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